Welcome to Tenant Rewards every Month (REM)

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How to Earn

REM is our tenant loyalty program. After a short qualifying period you earn REM (each REM is worth 1c USD, so 100 REM = $1USD) for all sorts of activities. Paying your rent early, even if by a day, gets you bonus REM. You earn REM for paying rent on time too.

Bonus REM can be earned for good condition inspection reports and paying any tenant bills early or on time as well. Refer a friend to one of our vacancies? After 3 months of their paying on time rent, you earn 10,000 REM as a thank you!

That's $100 USD

Refer an owner that can use a good property manager to manage their rentals? Earn up to 25,000 REM.

Moving? If you re-lease at any of our available properties and you have trusted status then you earn 1 week’s rent as a thanks.

rewards icons how to earn rentperks
rewards icons how to earn rentperks

Status Bonuses

For each year of uninterrupted Trusted Tenant status you have, your REM Status grows. Starting at Villa, you then progress to Manor and then Estate. All REM earnings grow 50% more each year with higher status. At Manor and above level, we no longer require a Security Deposit from you and all applications on other rentals get automatic priority..

rewards icons how to earn rentperks

What can I get?

Redeem your REM on the REM Loyalty App, the downloads are available below. Log in with primary tenant email and password.

Redeem for gift cards in many countries and currencies, redeem for Visa or Mastercard cash cards, or transfer to friends. In 2023 the program will extend to hotels, flights and vehicle rentals.

rewards icons how to earn rentperks
rewards icons how to earn rentperks


Sure. Email rewards@rentperks.com with rewards questions and any missing points queries and we will get back within 72 hours.

We do not do password re-sets, they can be done from the App or this website.