Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Why would tenants want to pay by credit card?

The average North American renter spends upward of 40%+ of their annual income on rent. Essentially, it’s their single biggest expense. Now they can put that payment on a credit card with RentPerks and start gaining REAL REWARDS.

For example, a TD Aeroplan Visa paying $2,000 per month in Rent would provide the card holder 24,000 Aeroplan Miles EVERY YEAR! Now, go on earning!

Tired of sitting and waiting for Tradespeople to arrive?

Schedule Maintenance at the push-of-a-button

24x7 Live Concierge

Track tradespeople - YEP, TRACK ‘EM! Need
to step out and drop the garbage, or get something from your car in the garage? You’ll know just where we are and how long it will take us to get to you

How much am I valued as a tenant?

We are glad you asked… You see, if you are renting with our platform for more than 2 years with Good Payment history, and you take care of the place while you’re there we are going to elevate YOUR status with us. We will NOT charge you a Security Deposit again, in any of our properties so long as you maintain that status. It’s not difficult, right? Why not get something back…

What’s this REM Token all about then?

The REM is an interoperable reward token. This means it’s universally exchangeable;)

Rewards: Ability to apply the token across the ecosystem of loyalty reward partners. We have 300+ brands to choose from. Additional tokens also awarded through participation with our other partners. Full list at www.remloyalty.com

Payment: Pay rent with REM (RentPerks participants)

Cash-back: Redeemable for a growing set of fiat currencies and other crypto assets on Stellar’s peer-to-peer exchange.

REM - The Market

A platform to promote liquidity and inter
-program exchange

Redemption with ease: Redeem points from multiple loyalty reward issuers in one place.

Increase spending power: Ability to earn points at one participating partner and use them at another.

Travel: Limitless options to earn and redeem with almost every global airline and hotel group. Double dip on points and earn at least 2X the rewards of other booking sites.

REM - The Wallet

Mobile, secure way to manage and spend your reward points

Manage multiple memberships: Access your loyalty reward programs and keep track of all your points in one place

Ease of use: Mobile, secured and contactless pay functionality. Ability to pay with the wallet app at merchants accepting tap-n-pay.

Additional functionality: Including the ability to hold more than 120 different coins within the same wallet app and to redeem from REM to any partnered reward points instantly.

Refer someone and earn more rewards!

If you have friends who own rental units or, you signup the owner of the property you are currently renting into our platform, you could earn rewards in Cash or REM Tokens. Simply add their details in the Landlord Signup Form and include your Name in the [Referred By] Field"