Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Rent Perks over other more traditional firms?

  • Proprietary Technology, creating ease and transparency for both you and your tenant, like you’ve never seen before"
  • Market intelligence at the push-of-a-button
  • Approve Leases at the push-of-a-button
  • Digital records at the push-of-a-button
  • Leases; Condition Reports (Move-In/Interim/Move-Out)
  • Financial Reporting; (Cashflow Forecasting Title and Insurance; etc.)
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Add/Delete Properties in your portfolio with ease
  • We achieve higher rent values due to higher demand created by our ecosystem of rewards, cost efficiencies and flexibility of payment options
  • Our Agents focus on Leasing your property, not fielding Tenant inquiries. The inquiries are for our system and our 24x7 Concierge Team.
  • Derisk the lease via:
  • The extensive background and employment verification that we conduct
  • Our focus on incentivizing the right tenant behavour
  • Rewards, rewards, rewards:
  • For being with us
  • For staying with us
  • For spreading the word about us
  • Why would tenants want to pay by credit card?
  • The average North American renter spends upward of 40%+ of their annual income on rent. Essentially, it’s their single biggest expense. Now they can put that payment on a credit card with RentPerks and start gaining REAL REWARDS.
  • For example, a TD Aeroplan Visa paying $2,000 per month in Rent would provide the card holder 24,000 Aeroplan Miles EVERY YEAR!
  • But, what is in it for me?
  • We are creating an ecosystem of rewards to change behaviors by rewarding those ‘Good People”. It creates a higher demand for your properties, it affects your bottom line by increasing the rent value, and future value of your asset by creating a Best-In-Class Tenancy Environment for you and your Properties.

We call this a true “Win-Win!”

  • Some of the many benefits of using our technology
  • The App allows you to contact your Agent directly
  • Negotiate and sign Lease contracts easily
  • Control and update your properties on the fly
  • Track all billing and invoicing (on full-service plan)
  • Select loyalty program reward preferences
  • Get up to date information 24x7
  • Link your bank accounts to each property separately for multi-property management
  • How much am I valued as a landlord?
  • You are our first priority!
  • We serve Tenants to ensure your assets are Maintained, Secured and Leased. The real time reporting and transparency in our technology makes us accountable to you. You can see virtually everything happening with your portfolio anywhere in the world so long as you have a data connection.
  • You should be lying on a beach enjoying life.

After all, we are the sleep at night factor for your investment!

Viv’s story

Vivienne is from Vancouver. She has 3 rental properties across Canada. She starts with RentPerks by switching property managers - all done same day through her phone


Max’s story

Max never used a property manager. He liked the low fees and knows about the Air Miles collector program. After signing on with RentPerks he no longer needed to worry


ALL properties that we lease for you are subject to an agreed Lease Fee billed on the first month’s rental collection. Half of that amount goes into our pool of rewards which are given to Tenants who take care of the rented properties (Good Condition Reports), and for re-leasing prior to end of term. Both securing your investments’ best interests by changing behaviour in a positive way.

We charge a small admin fee on monthly processes but it's less than $10

Taxes are collected as a flow-through you know, the government always takes their cut