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Our story

We started the business out of frustration with the current renting model, having being on both sides of the equation. We spent 8 years developing and perfecting our operating model and ecosystem of rewards.

Our property management experience is global. So that’s why we are building the first global brand for renting. Opening also in the USA and UK in late 2019, we will make your Rentperks status planet-portable.

We are a client focused, technology enabled business that delivers a significantly higher level of service to both the Landlord and the Tenant, while derisking the renting relationship. And we through innovative use of technology and unmatched ecosystem of rewards.

We aim to have 250,000 doors managed by 2022 across all major cities, starting in Calgary, Vancouver Toronto and most of the major cities in North America.

Our Ecosystem

We are a digital business with a human touch. We provide an information rich environment. Our Agents are armed with all the latest information at their fingerprints.

The document process flow is automated. We create full transparency for landlords & tenants through the Apps in real time. Agent Apps include analytics such as Credilytix TM, Easy-Lease and the Dark Room to make property management easier.

Key to our ecosystem is our global concierge. Better than offshoring, we've created a mobile jobbing environment that performs every task that takes Agents' focus away from clients, even maintenance.

We'd like to think that we have created the best job environment for Property Agents. Ever!

Our Values

We believe that the only way to earn our clients' business is through the delivery of exceptional service, each and every time. We generously reward our clients' right behaviour and trust creating even more positive benefits.

We believe that Tenants should be able to pay their rent however they choose without enduring processing fees. With us, Tenants use whatever card they like. We believe in continuously creating efficiencies that we pass on to our clients.

We also believe that our clients should benefit from our brand. Each year our clients' earn rate increases. Our rewards are unmatched in industry.

Tenants move from Villa, Manor, to Estate levels and Landlords from Silver, Gold, to Platinum.

Smart approvals, no paperwork and technology that prompts early re-leasing within our pool is how we work. And no fixed contracts for landlords. It's on us to keep our service levels high.

Agent rewards

Professional property management demandsthe best. If that's you, then we'd be delighted to have you as we build the future of renting.

RentPerks has a rewarding Compensation Structure as well, including an opportunity for earning shares. We want you to own part of this story. 20% of RentPerks North America's profits each year go to employees.

Are you a broker with a book of business, a thirst for innovation and a strong client focus? There are strong share options for you.

Our agents have the potential of enjoying
bonus stock options & growth in global brand

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